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3 Years Warranty

If you buy products from (MARKBASS Germany) you will benefit from our 3 years MARKBASS Germany warranty. That means, we extend the warranty period of the manufacturer (24 months) by another 12 months.

Our many years of experience working closely with the manufacturer and our excellent relationship provide the background for giving you this benefit. Beside this, we only offer products to our customers which match our high quality standards. In over 30 years as a wholesaler of premium branded products, we never had a reason to doubt our reputation.

If an unforeseen problem should occure, you are guaranteed the fastest processing of your service case possible.

Please contact us before returning and fill in the relevant information in the SERVICE form below!
For recording and further processing we only need your invoice no. If this or your customer ID is not available,
please send us your complete address and the serial number of the manufacturer (applies only to products marked with a manufacturer's serial number).

Important notice for products with a serial-no. of the manufacturer: If the serial-no. has been made unrecognizable or if the buyer can not clearly prove that this is the item he has bought and that it fulfills the warranty conditions mentioned above, the MARKBASS Germany warranty as well as the legal guarantee expire.

We will take proper proper precautions for transport to the competent service workshop. If you need backup gear, we will be happy to help you out by loaning equipment (assuming availability). Unrepairable devices are replaced by us . If the model is no longer available, we offer you an alternative product in the same price range or the refund of the full purchase price.

The statutory warranty period of 24 months remains unrestricted, as guaranteed by our MARKBASS warranty. So no adverse effects or restrictions arise. On the contrary, only benefits for you!

If something remains unclear, feel free to drop a message, a comment or suggestions for improvement!

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