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MARKBASS EVO1 Controller

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The optional MB EVO 1 CONTROLLER allows to switch between CH1 / CH2 and MIX the two channels, turn on/off the FX1, FX2 and BOOST, plus accessing the TUNER with MUTE function pressing and holding the boost switch.


The Markbass EVO 1 can be controlled also via programmable MIDI pedalboard, such as theMARKBASS Multiamp Midi Pedalboard.


CH1 - MIDI program change #1
CH2 - MIDI program change #2
MIX - MIDI program change #3
FX1 - MIDI control change #1
FX2 - MIDI control change #2
BOOST - MIDI control change #3
(hold for mute/tuner) - MIDI control change #28


DIN 5 poles
The MIDI TX CHANNEL is setted on #0


9VDC / XXX mA (via MIDI cable)



Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 17.0 × 15 cm
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